Sample packages

Each client has different needs, so we typically tailor-make packages, but these will give you an idea of some of the more popular services we offer.



We develop a series of blog and newsletter ideas to meet your needs.

We’ll sort your newsletter. We’re excellent at increasing email open rates and click-through rates (ultimately leading to more revenue).

We’ll find the best journalists to write each blogpost, and edit them so they’re to your house style.

Do you need photos, videos or SEO? We can handle that, too.

We provide excellent copy that offers a high ROI.

Our average boost to clients' email open rates: 40% increase over three months.


Travel guides

Insightful guides that show clear depth of knowledge and expertise – whether about a travel topic or specific destination – attract new customers and keep existing ones coming back to you.

We’ll find the best journalist to write each guide, and edit them so they’re to your house style.

Your designer makes the guides look pretty. Do you need a designer? We can handle that, too.

We then write the newsletter that introduces the guide to your mailing list.



You know you need to do something to attract new clients and keep existing ones coming back, but you’re not sure what.

We’ll meet with you, chat about who your customers are and what your most pressing immediate goal is, then come up with ideas to help gain new clients and keep your current ones loyal.


Rewriting websites

We’ll have a meeting to find out what you want from your website. It could be anything from convincing someone to book online to showcasing your work to make it clear you’re an expert in your field.

We’ll then analyse your website to see what’s working and what isn’t.

If your website was written in a foreign language, then translated into English, we can fix all your syntax and grammatical mistakes, too.

We’ll rewrite your website so it appeals to your clientele.