Launch offer


20% commission for referrals

If you recommend our agency to a client and it leads to a contract for Inscribe Content, we will give you 20% of the profit from that contract for up to three months of the initial assignment, up to £1,000 commission.

  • If you work for an agency, the commission will go to you personally, unless the referral is a team effort - we will clarify this with you.

  • This is a limited-time offer, available only for referrals to the end of May 2017, and for projects that begin no later than end of June 2017.



LAUNCH OFFER TERMS AND CONDITIONS: This offer is only available to those who have received an email from Inscribe Content with details of the offer. It is based on you directly recommending the services of Inscribe Content to a an external client, whereby Inscribe Content invoices the external client. Recommending Inscribe Content for projects within the company you are employed at, whether as a freelancer, casual or full-time staff member, is excluded from the launch offer. Directly commissioning Inscribe Content writers, directors or partners for work, where the invoicing is not through Inscribe Content, is also excluded from the offer. Profit will be calculated based on the total value of the initial assignment for Inscribe Content from the client - up to three months, if an ongoing project - minus our costs and overheads. The maximum amount payable will be £1,000 per client referral. You will need to supply an invoice after we advise you the total value of your commission. Your commission will be paid after we receive payment from the client. Please ensure you inform us if you've recommended us; failing to do so will void the offer.